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Unito product team values

Hello, passerby. This document ties together the “how” we build products to the “why”, by relating our processes to our company values. Come work with us!

Healthy collaboration: work as a team

  1. Have fun; if not, say it!
  2. Care for the whole code base and infrastructure
  3. Seek out constructive and honest criticism of your designs and ideas
  4. Do not only seek technical perfection, but also thrive to become a person others want to work with
  5. Know when to compromise: there’s more than one way to do things
  6. Never point fingers, but take ownership of your mistakes
  7. Favor public asynchronous communication, call meetings sparingly

Build to last

  1. Care for end users, seek and consider their feedback
  2. Hacks are exceptions, not the rule
  3. Don’t let temporary hacks become permanent
  4. Test your shit
  5. Fix the root problems, don’t just always patch. (i.e. address technical debt)
  6. Scout rule: Try and leave this world a little better than you found it
  7. Iterate: don’t gold plate before validating your idea
  8. Design for tomorrow, implement for today
  9. Track and monitor your work

Always grow

  1. Always improve yourself (technically and as a colleague)
  2. Strive for excellence
  3. Mentor others, so that we improve as a team
  4. Lead by example

Oh, and a few last things about us:

Come work with us!

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